Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Training log and good link (to Swedish article)

LC 2x32kg: 15, 9 (3rpm)
LC 2x 28kg: 10

Bells felt "light" but I was slow in the legs - no bounce - so this was a struggle.

LC 2x32kg: 15 (3rpm)

Felt strong and ok. No motivation to more lifting afterwards, however.

OA LC 36kg: 16/16
Sumo DL 64kg: 30reps
Ring dips: 3x 10reps

The "sumo deadlifts" are more in between a sumo squat and a deadlift. This version makes me tired anyway.

Interesting article on Rouge and RKC kettlebells, pricing and evaluation in Swedish

An old friend of mine has written an interesteing kettlebell review on his blog:
It is in Swedish. It is a pity for you who don't read Swedish. But you already have so much good stuff to read.

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