Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friday and Sunday

LC 2x32kg: 20, 9

Deep squats 50kg x 10reps; 70kg 2 x 10reps; 80kg x 3x 5reps
OH squats 20kg: 3x 5reps
Bench press 80kg: 3x 4reps

This is a period where I find it difficult to train hard. I still appreciate training but just don't have it in me to push it outside the comfort zone. Was also thinking about training goals at the moment. In fact, I am very happy about where I am at the moment. Health feel ok. I can jog and squat. I can even long cycle the 32s for some reps which seemed impossible a few years ago. I don't feel the urge to lift more in bench or get bigger or smaller or whatever. 30 reps lc reps would be cool some day. But, at the moment I don't have the true passion to train for that with a structured approach with lighter bells (I believe that would be an effective way).

Perhaps, the Uddevalla comp and the Oleg Ilika course will make me more fanatic about improving in GS. That has happened before.

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