Monday, February 16, 2015

Last week

LC 2x32kg: 19, then 3x 4reps
Ring dips: 3x 10reps

Saturday 14th of Feb
LC 2x32kg: 11 x 4reps, (1min on / 1min off)

This was good as I haven't done it in a while.

Deep squats 50kg 2x 10reps; 70kg x 10reps; 80kg x 3x 5reps
OH squats 20kg: 3x 5reps
Bench press 80kg: 4, 3, 2 reps; slow 50kg x 10reps

The squats... felt the LC in the legs so took it lighter.
I have been a bad blogger this week, and I think I have forgot some session.

A new fresh week ahead! :-)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friday and Sunday

LC 2x32kg: 20, 9

Deep squats 50kg x 10reps; 70kg 2 x 10reps; 80kg x 3x 5reps
OH squats 20kg: 3x 5reps
Bench press 80kg: 3x 4reps

This is a period where I find it difficult to train hard. I still appreciate training but just don't have it in me to push it outside the comfort zone. Was also thinking about training goals at the moment. In fact, I am very happy about where I am at the moment. Health feel ok. I can jog and squat. I can even long cycle the 32s for some reps which seemed impossible a few years ago. I don't feel the urge to lift more in bench or get bigger or smaller or whatever. 30 reps lc reps would be cool some day. But, at the moment I don't have the true passion to train for that with a structured approach with lighter bells (I believe that would be an effective way).

Perhaps, the Uddevalla comp and the Oleg Ilika course will make me more fanatic about improving in GS. That has happened before.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Training log and good link (to Swedish article)

LC 2x32kg: 15, 9 (3rpm)
LC 2x 28kg: 10

Bells felt "light" but I was slow in the legs - no bounce - so this was a struggle.

LC 2x32kg: 15 (3rpm)

Felt strong and ok. No motivation to more lifting afterwards, however.

OA LC 36kg: 16/16
Sumo DL 64kg: 30reps
Ring dips: 3x 10reps

The "sumo deadlifts" are more in between a sumo squat and a deadlift. This version makes me tired anyway.

Interesting article on Rouge and RKC kettlebells, pricing and evaluation in Swedish

An old friend of mine has written an interesteing kettlebell review on his blog:
It is in Swedish. It is a pity for you who don't read Swedish. But you already have so much good stuff to read.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday 27th of January

LC 2x32kg: 25/10min
LC 2x28kg: 3x 7reps (7rpm, 1 min rests)

Tried to do 2 and 3rpms respectively every other minute. I don't know if I stuck consequently to that pattern, but it became 25 reps (+1 no-count). It is funny how perception of speed changes when under load. When lifting 32s, 3rpm feel like a brisk cadence and like I have to do new reps "all the time." When watching the videos, however, it is very slow. With 20kgs, in contrast, 3rpm both feel and look very slow.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Deep squats 50kg x 10reps; 70kg x 10reps; 80kg x 10reps; 90 kg x 5reps; 80kg 2x 5reps

OH squats 20kg: 2x 5reps

Bench press 80kg: 5x 3reps

Early in the Sunday morning so I had the squat rack all to myself. The OH squats are demanding, I guess that I compensate flexibility with trunk muscles. Or, perhaps more positively, I have to use muscles to reach my full range of motion.

Friday, January 23, 2015


LC 2x32kg: 15/5min
LC 2x28kg: 3x 7reps (7rpm, imin rests)

That was all, but still a lot! Have a nice Friday evening!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


LC 2x32kg: 16/5min
LC 2x28kg: 20/4min

Ring dips: 3x 10reps


Similar to Monday's.

Monday, January 19, 2015


LC 2x32kg: 16/5min
LC 2x28kg: 20/4min

OA jerk 36kg: 5/5

Pull-ups 3x 6reps


A little rpm PR with the 32s. I know it is slow, but still :-). Huh, a set with the 28s. I realize I should lift more in the 28 - 20 kg range. Unfortunately, I tend to have more fun when it is heavier. Hope you get a good week!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Deep squats 50kg x 10reps; 60kg x 10reps; 70kg 3x 10reps; 80kg x 5reps

OH squats 20kg: 2x 4reps

Bench press 80kg: 4x 3reps

A good morning session. A nice surprise was that the OH-squats worked, they were not super easy but felt ok regarding form. I haven't tried OH squats in a very long time.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's work-out

LC 2x32kg: 21

Ring dips: 2x 10reps

Cardio  was bad, but happy with form. Took care that I didn't omit dip when catching the bells in clean when tired. Almost weekend again, time is running. Paid the fee for the Uddevalla Open LC this morning :-)